Tidy up your notes.

Tidy up means this

There are so many note taking apps.

You can find a lots of them with many advanced features.

Many of them can count the words, change the color and size of characters, categorize documents by folders, synchronize with the cloud, put photos, and even recognize handwriting ...

At first, I tried to create such an app.

However, the impression of a friend who touched the prototype changed my mind.

"I don't need so many features like this."

I don't usually take notes with an app.When I use them, I'll copy to my paper notebook later so digital data will be needless after all. The only feature I need is tidying up notes more easily.

Tidy up

I didn't noticed it

Certainly digital data does not take up space, but when it accumulates it make us feel stressed. We need tidying up.

That's why I made this. It's an app for taking notes and tidying up them. I can't affirm this is a full featured note-taking app because I got rid of many features to make my app lighter. It's more like draft than note what you can take with this app is. So, I named this "DraftDog". Why "Dog"? Because doggies are cute.

アプリのスクリーンショット It's simple. It's easy to use. And it's light.
He is "DraftDog"


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This app doesn't...

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